Bologna is one of the most beautiful cities of Northern Italy and it's the regional capital of Emilia Romagna. Italians called it "La Dotta" (literally the learned one), since it's the city with the oldest University in Europe. And there's more: the beautiful arcades and its delicious cuisine make Bologna a perfect destination to disconnect from the routine and discover a really interesting destination.

Here is the itinerary we propose you to visit, if you only have a weekend available.


At the Montagnola Park, on Fridays and Saturdays is held the Piazzola Market. It's one of the most important historical markets in the region and you can really find everything, from clothing to leather goods, from flowers to shoes...find your perfect deal and you can really spend a few euros to buy what you're looking for.

PORTICI (the city arcades)

Bologna City arcades

If you arrive in Bologna by train it won't be difficult to reach them. Exit the central station, turn left in Piazza XX Settembre and then take Via Indipendenza. Here you will meet the first arcades, one of the typical architectural elements of Bologna, covering 40 kms (!) of the Emilian city.

If you want to see a characteristic corner of Bologna, which few people knows, go in Via Indipendenza and make a detour on Via Bertiera; then take Via Piella and you will see a small red window overlooking the Moline canal. You must take a picture here!


Piazza Maggiore

Going back on the main street full of shops, walk for about 15 minutes and you find yourself in Piazza Maggiore, the historic center of Bologna with the famous Neptune fountain by Giambologna, the Gothic San Petronio Basilica, one of the largest in Europe and via Rizzoli on the left side, where the two most famous towers of the city stand out.


Behind the Basilica of San Petronio in Piazza Galvani you will find the Archiginnasio, the most important civic library in Italy with a great book heritage. Before leaving, take a look also at the anatomy theater, with an entire room dedicated to the amphitheater shaped study.


Sala Borsa

Returning to Piazza Maggiore, inside Palazzo D'Accursio you will find the Sala Borsa Library, one of the most beautiful public libraries in Italy, which contains a large collection of books, DVDs and records of all kinds.

On the ground floor, thanks to the beautiful glass floor, you can see the archaeological excavations belonging to various civilizations.


The iconic Asinelli Tower

If you say Bologna, the first thing that comes to mind is the Torre degli Asinelli, one of the symbols of the city. Almost 500 steps await you and a magnificent view of Bologna and the hills from almost 100 meters high.

The other tower, the Garisenda, can not be visited. Originally it was 60 meters high and then lowered to 48 for fear of collapsing due to its steep slope.


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