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Sleep Ecologically and Economically!

If you enjoy knowing you’re traveling and also making a difference, stay at one of HostelsClub’s green hostels which range in eco-friendly activities from recycling to running off only solar power!



Aberdeen Motel 6 Pinehurst - Aberdeen NC

Addison Motel 6 Dallas – Addison

Albany Motel 6 Albany

Albuquerque Motel 6 Albuquerque – Midtown

Motel 6 Albuquerque South

Anaheim Motel 6 Anaheim Maingate

Arlington Heights Motel 6 Chicago N Central-Arlington

Austin Motel 6 Austin Central–North

Bakersfield Motel 6 Bakersfield Airport

Barstow Motel 6 Barstow

Belmont Motel 6 San Francisco – Belmont

Boston: Hostelling International - Boston Downtown

Big Bear Motel 6 Big Bear

Boise Motel 6 Boise

Bradenton Motel 6 Bradenton

Braintree Motel 6 Boston South – Braintree

Buena Park Motel 6 Buena Park-Knotts/Disneyland

Carpinteria Motel 6 Santa Barbara-Carpinteria South

Charleston Motel 6 Charleston South

Chula Vista Motel 6 San Diego - Chula Vista

Cocoa Beach Motel 6 Cocoa Beach

Coeur d'Alene Motel 6 Coeur D'Alene

Colchester Motel 6 Burlington – Colchester

Coos Bay Motel 6 Coos Bay

Corpus Christi Motel 6 Corpus Christi East - N. Padre

Danvers Motel 6 Boston – Danvers

Denver Motel 6 Denver Central - Federal Boulevard

Motel 6 Denver – Airport

East Brunswick Motel 6 East Brunswick

El Paso Motel 6 El Paso Central

Flagstaff Motel 6 Flagstaff - Butler Ave

Fort Lauderdale Motel 6 Ft Lauderdale

Fort Mill Motel 6 Charlotte Carowinds

Framingham Motel 6 Boston West – Framingham

Fresno Motel 6 Fresno - Blackstone South

Motel 6 Fresno - SR 99

Gainesville Motel 6 Gainesville - Univ. of Florida

Goodlettsville Motel 6 Nashville – Goodlettsville

Grants Pass Motel 6 Grants Pass

Hilo, Hawaii: Hawaiian Retreat

[Houston]] Motel 6 Houston – Westchase

Idaho Falls Motel 6 Idaho Falls

Los Angeles - Inglewood Motel 6 Los Angeles LAX

Irving Motel 6 Dallas - DFW Airport North

Jacksonville Motel 6 Jacksonville - Orange Park

King of Prussia Motel 6 Philadelphia - King of Prussia

Kingman Motel 6 Kingman West

Kirkland Motel 6 Seattle North – Kirkland

Kissimmee - Disney World Motel 6 Orlando-Kissimmee Main Gate West

Motel 6 Orlando-Kissimmee Main Gate East

Klamath Falls Motel 6 Klamath Falls

Miami, Florida: Palmer House South Beach

Lake Tahoe Motel 6 South Lake Tahoe

Lantana Motel 6 Lantana

Las Vegas Motel 6 Las Vegas – Tropicana

Linthicum Motel 6 Baltimore - BWI Airport

Los Angeles Motel 6 Los Angeles – Rosemead

Mammoth Lakes Motel 6 Mammoth Lakes

Maple Shade Motel 6 Philadelphia

Marietta Motel 6 Atlanta Northwest – Marietta

Marina Motel 6 Monterey – Marina

Medford Motel 6 Medford North

Motel 6 Medford South

Mesa Motel 6 Mesa North

Miami Motel 6 Cutler Bay

Mississauga Motel 6 Toronto – Mississauga

Morro Bay Motel 6 Morro Bay

New Orleans Motel 6 New Orleans

North Charleston Motel 6 Charleston North, Sc

Oakland Motel 6 Oakland – Embarcadero

Oceanside Motel 6 Oceanside - Coast Highway

Ontario Motel 6 Orlando - International Drive

Orlando Motel 6 Orlando - International Drive

Palm Springs Motel 6 Palm Springs

Pendleton Motel 6 Pendleton

Phoenix Motel 6 Phoenix Airport - 24th Street

Pismo Beach Motel 6 Pismo Beach

Pittsburgh Motel 6 Pittsburgh – Crafton

Pomona Motel 6 Los Angeles – Pomona

Portland Motel 6 Portland Central

Portsmouth Motel 6 Portsmouth

Prescott Motel 6 Prescott

Rancho Cordova Motel 6 Sacramento - Rancho Cordova East

Rancho Mirage Motel 6 Palm Springs - Rancho Mirage

Redding Motel 6 Redding South

Reno Motel 6 Reno

Richmond Motel 6 Savannah - Richmond Hill

Salem Motel 6 Salem

Salinas Motel 6 Salinas North - Monterey Area

Salt Lake Motel 6 Salt Lake City West – Airport

San Antonio Motel 6 San Antonio Downtown - Market Square

San Diego Motel 6 San Diego - Hotel Circle - Mission Valley

San Luis Obispo Motel 6 San Luis Obispo South

San Marcos Motel 6 San Marcos

Sandston Motel 6 Richmond Airport

Santa Fe Motel 6 Santa Fe

Schiller Park Motel 6 Chicago O'hare - Schiller Park

Scottsdale Motel 6 Scottsdale

Seattle Motel 6 Seattle Airport

Sharonville Motel 6 Cincinnati North

South Padre Island Motel 6 South Padre Island

Summertown, TN: The EcoHostel on The Farm

Prescott, Arizone: Motel 6 Prescott

Tigard Motel 6 Portland - Tigard West

Motel 6 Portland S- Lake Oswego –Tigard

Troutdale Motel 6 Portland East – Troutdale

Twentynine Palms Motel 6 Twentynine Palms

Vallejo Motel 6 Vallejo - Six Flags East

Venice Motel 6 Venice

Ventura Motel 6 Ventura Beach

Motel 6 Ventura South

Virginia Beach Motel 6 Virginia Beach, Va

Washington DC Motel 6 Washington DC SW-Springfield,VA

Hostelling International DC

West Sacramento Motel 6 Sacramento West

Willoughby Motel 6 Cleveland-willoughby


For more Eco-Friendly hostels in Europe, Asia, South-Pacific, Africa and South-America go here!

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