Hostels with private bathroom: 13 examples against hostel stereotype


Let's get this straight: to stay in a hostel does not necessarily mean shared bathroom!

We have heard many stories about hostels - that they are unsafe places, they don't offer private rooms, and that they are dirty and provide no services. One of the most recurring worries is having to share the bathroom facilities with other travellers. Frightened by this possibility, many travellers do not opt for hostels and reject the idea of considering hostels as a valid accommodation option.

Going against hostel stereotypes, Hostelsclub has been promoting the #Lovehostels campaign. Today we want to debunk yet another myth: when staying in hostels, ensuite rooms are available! The majority of hostels, in fact, provide both shared bathrooms and ensuite accommodation. The latter can obviously be a bit more expensive however, but for those who consider it not a luxury but a necessity, it won't be a problem to add some extra euro.

You can go for ensuite dormitories (the bathroom is only shared with your room-mates: so unless you have booked a 20-bed dorm you won't have to queue for the toilet or to brush your teeth), to ensuite private rooms (which is very similar to what you would get from a hotel room, but with all the positive aspects of staying in a hostel waiting for you once you close your room door behind you... such as sharing, fun, and international atmosphere...)

We thought we would compile a list of 13 hostels with ensuite rooms, from Italy to Brazil, and here they are.

1 - Generator Venice in Venice (Average Rating: 91%)

Generator Venice

When in Venice you can stay in one of these rooms with beamed ceiling, a breathtaking view on the city and brand new bathrooms!

2 - Alessandro Palace in Rome (Average Rating: 88%)

Alessandro Palace

Alessandro Palace in a popular party hostel in Rome; after partying you can look for some privacy in one of the ensuite private rooms available, they are spotless!

3 - Le Regent Hostel Montmartre in Paris (Average Rating: 83%)

Le Regent Hostel

You can enjoy the view of the Sacré-Coeur directly from your bed. If you turn over you will be relieved to know that the bathroom facilities are ensuite.

4 - Palmers Lodges - Hillspring in London (Average Rating: 84%)

Palmers Lodges

No carpeted floor in this design hostel which is one of London's cleanest hostels.

5 - Stockholm Hostel in Stockholm (Average Rating: 89%)

Stockholm Hostel

Scandinavian hostels are probably the cleanest hostels around, so are the ones in Stockholm!

6 - Wow Hostel in Barcelona (Average Rating: 88%)

Wow Hostel Barcelona

Its name says it all... it's the surprising, first time reaction of those who enter this hostel... and its spotless bathroom!

7- Baxpax Downtown Hostel in Berlin (Average Rating: 90%)

BaxPax Hostel

This is a high standard hostel which does not give up its "hostel flair"!

8 - Hostel 7 Santi in Florence (Average Rating: 84%)

7 Santi

In this former convent, most of the old monastic cells come with shower and washing basin!

9 - Vintage&Funky Sport Hostel in Saint Petersburg (Average Rating: 90%)

Vintage Funky

Where the lively communal areas typical of a modern hostel and private rooms are mixed to grand style hotels!

10 - The Mango Tree in Rio de Janeiro (Average Rating: 90%)

The Mango Tree

A stone's throw from Ipanema Beach, this is a deluxe hostel with several ensuite rooms.

11 - Génération Europe Youth Hostel in Brussels (Average Rating: 88%)

Generation Youth

Part of "HI Les Auberges de Jeunesse Belgium", this central Brussels hostel provides twin rooms ensuite starting from 52 euro per night.

12 - Stayokay Zeeburg in Amsterdam (Average Rating: 81%)

Stayokay Amsterdam

Excellent accommodation to sleep in Amsterdam at budget rates, this hostel is housed in a 1900s former school.

13 - Hostel 4 You in Zagir (Average Rating: 76%)

Hostel 4 you

Extremely central and modern, this hostel is ideal for yellow lovers and for those looking for the privacy of a private bathroom!

These are just 13 examples, but at Hostelsclub you will find many more hostel worldwide with ensuite rooms... check them out now on the below form:

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