GIVEAWAY: Hostelsclub + Ostello Bello = 'Belli Together'!


Win a trip to Berlin, Prague or Barcelona with your favourite Travel Buddy... because Travel has no gender!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, dig through the memories: what was the moment in your life when you felt truly free?

After finishing your studies, when you moved to a new city or when you put an end to that troubled relationship... the answers are potentially endless, but we are sure that at least one of you is thinking about that wonderful journey he/she took to discover the world with new eyes.

Universal, brave, unique, unpredictable, surprising, different. Travel doesn't discern between race or sex, or take age or economic limitations into consideration. We travel to forget, to find ourselves, to rest, to give someone a second chance, to broaden our horizons or find a lost friend. Traveling means having the strength to step outside your comfort zone and dive into the unknown, where true beauty lies in what one does not know, in what is not yet ours, in what we could have been but we never became.

Travel is shifting, it takes on many different faces and welcomes a thousand of different sides; cultural, emotional, ethnic, social, sexual, historical, geographical. It is one of the most comprehensive and shareable human experience and, perhaps for this very reason, one of the most loved.

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It is precisely to promote the universality of traveling that Hostelsclub and Ostello Bello joined forces to give life to the "Belli Together" giveaway, the Instagram competition that celebrates diversity in every shape and form, the first one being sexual diversity. The initiative aims to reflect the spirit of Pride Month, while hundreds of cities throughout the world are still enveloped in the rainbow colors of the LGBT community. To remind us that if there is no geographical boundary that cannot be crossed, there must be no feeling that cannot be accepted. Woman or man or in between, if love has no gender... travel has none either!

After all, what is love if not one beautiful journey?

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Woman, man, puppy (?) or child, mother, father, boyfriend, ex, grandparents, cousins, friends (or something more) ... to you the difficult task of choosing your favorite travel buddy with whome you could spend a magnificent free wekeend in one of the most beautiful and city in Europe.

Taking part is very easy:

1. Publish on your Instagram profile a photo that shows you with your Travel Buddy until June 30th at 23.59

2. Tag Ostello Bello and Hostels Club (@ostellobello @hostelsclub)

3. Use the hashtags #BelliTogether #ostellobello #hostelsclub #TravelSmart #LGBTtravel in your caption

On Monday 1st July the 5 most original photos will be republished on Ostello Bello's profile: from that moment the fight to the last like is on... tell your mum, dad and friends, you'll need their support if you want to be one of the 3 lucky winners to take home the price!

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1. The contest starts on June 21st 2019 at 6.00 pm and ends on July 4th at 12.00 am.

2. To enter the giveaway, each contestant must publish a picture on his/her Instagram profile that shows him/her with his/her favorite Travel Buddy. He will then tag the profiles of Hostelsclub and Ostello Bello (@ostellobello @hostelsclub) and add the following hashtags in the caption: #BelliTogether #ostellobello #hostelsclub #TravelSmart #LGBTtravel.

3. You have until June 30th at 23.59 to publish your picture.

4. Each contestant can enter the giveaway with only one picture

5. The 5 finalist pictures will be selected by an internal jury made by Hostelsclub and Ostello Bello Teams and republished in the Instagram profile of the latter on July 1st.

6. The 3 winners will be those whose pictures will receive the highest number of likes by 12.00 a.m on July 4th.

7. The winners will be announced on Instagram July 5th.

8. The prizes are offered by Hostelsclub and consist of:

  • 1 Weekend in Berlin for 2 people, 2 nights in a private room (flight included)
  • 1 Weekend in Prague for 2 people, 2 nights in a private room (flight included)
  • 1 Weekend in Barcelona for 2 people, 2 nights in a private room (flight included)

9. The winners will stay in one of Hostelsclub's partner hostels and will be personally contacted in the days following the end of the giveaway. The dates of the trip will be set 2 months prior the departure and according to Hostelsclub's availability, excluding holidays. The destination will be randomly assigned by Hostelsclub to each winner.

10. The jury reserves the right to remove o disqualify any participant at any moment during the period of the competition, if they do not respect the rules listed here, including publishing content that is inappropriate, slanderous, sexually explicit, insulting or otherwise.

11. The prize cannot be transferred to third parties, nor can it be converted into money.

12. By participating in this prized competition, participants agree that Hostelsclub and Ostello Bello can display their Instagram posts on any means of connection with the prize as well as use their names, nicknames, photographs and / or biographical information (as it appears on Instagram) in posts used for marketing and advertising purposes, without any additional compensation.

13. Hostelsclub and Ostello Bello here state that this giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram.

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