Erasmus 2018: HostelsClub farewell party in the coolest hostel in Venice!

Is your Erasmus ending soon? Don’t worry, HostelsClub and ESN Venezia have joined forces to give you a last, unforgettable party in one of the most famous hostels in Venice.

23rd May, 7:00pm

Keep this evening free, because HostelsClub and ESN Venezia have organized the farewell party of your dreams: dizzying DJ sets, good food and non-stop aperitifs (at discounted prices) are the perfect ingredients for an evening in full Erasmus style!

Here is all the information (plus an unmissable final surprise!)

erasmus party in hostel in Venice

Once Erasmus, forever Erasmus.

It is said that the friendships created during this special period of your life are those that most remain in your heart. Study days, distant journeys, young loves, unbridled parties, forced cohabitation.. every Erasmus experience leaves you with lasting memories.

So, when you have to pack your suitcases, nostalgia begins to make itself felt. Why not then dedicate a last, unforgettable evening to share with your fellow adventures?

generator hostel venice party 2018

For the occasion, the Generator Hostel Venice open its doors to all Erasmus students. In the heart of Giudecca, a few minutes by boat from Piazza San Marco, the Generator is one of the hostels in Venice you really cannot miss. Floors with mosaics, retro furniture, soft lighting, luxurious chandeliers, lounge bar and pool table: an environment of sophisticated design, 100% youthful and designed specifically for your enjoyment!

generator hostel venice erasmus party

generator hostel venice beautiful interiors

And because we know how important friendships that were born during your Erasmus, we thought of a small gift to spice up this amazing party in one of the coolest hostels in Venice.

HostelsClub will give to all those who register for free in the event Guest List a white t-shirt and colored markers: give free rein to your imagination (and heart!) And leave your message on all your friends' t-shirts ... a (literally) unerasable memory!

hostels in Venice party 2018 t-shirt

To prepare and organize your entertainment two companies that have their strengths in hospitality, travel and cultural exchange have come together.

On the one hand, ESN Venezia, a historical association for the help and advice of scholarship-winning students for exchange programs.

On the other HostelsClub, leading company in Italy in the tourism e-commerce sector, which allows you to book cheap accommodation online. In just a few clicks, customers from all over the world can find the best offers for hostels, guesthouses, budget hotels, campsites and B & Bs.


Visit and discover our brand new graphic design: 35,000 structures translated into 37 different languages, secure online reservations and a new system entirely in the cloud, make HostelsClub a must for every travel addicted!

On the other hand, it is not the first time that HostelsClub meets the world of Erasmus students. Andrea Mehanna, founder and owner of the company, was one of the first Italian students to choose the Erasmus program as a life experience.

Traveling from the age of 18, Andrea is a true travel-addict with 180 countries in his passport.

Here's what he’s told us about the close relationship between Erasmus students and the world of hostels.

HC: Andrea, why did you choose to collaborate with ESN Venezia?

AM: “Me and the Marketing Team had the idea of creating a partnership with Erasmus Student Network since our both targets were similar: students who like to travel not spending too much money.”

HC: Have you ever been connected to the “Erasmus World” before?

AM: “Yes, definitely. I was one of the first Italian students who received a scholarship to do an exchange program. It was in 1993 and I remember that the university were looking for students who could speak more than one language and, at that time, I was 21 years old and I spoke over three different languages so I had an offer and I accepted that offer.”

HC: How do you see ESN Organisation?

AM: “I really like the work that ESN is providing to the Erasmus Students nowadays. I remember that 25 years ago I didn’t have any help from any organisation, not even from the University. There was no internet, there were no parties for Erasmus and the other international students that you could meet was only by coincidence.

HC: How did this idea of creating this kind of event came up?

AM: I remember that the friends you make during your Erasmus period are people that you will never forget. So I thought, why dot not create a last party to these students in Venezia? We will combine Erasmus and Hostels in the same party and create a concept of the Goodbye Party.

hostels in Venice cool design 2018

What are you waiting for? Register to get your FREE T-SHIRT, we look forward to seeing you!

And don’t forget…

23rd May, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Generator Hostel - Fondamenta Zitelle, 86, 30133 Venezia

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