Summer is just about to kick off, and it's time to organize your next trip and decide in which destination you will spend Summer 2017, possibly on a budget and by having fun.

There are ever-green destinations, cities that are a must thanks to their cultural and historical value, and unusual places, which surprise and give us strong feelings... in this article, we will suggest 5 destinations for Summer 2017 ideal for young backpackers like you, under the sign of amusement and adventure.

We have already had the chance to talk about the perfect destinations for backpackers, from the on the road to the interrail trips, but we have never enough about alternative travel destinations.


Although it is sometimes remember only as the city of Pablo Escobar, the city of Medellin has been changing by becoming a very much sought destination, especially thanks to the perfect climate all year around.

mete estive medellin

It is in fact nicknamed "The City of Eternal Spring".

Here you will be able to visit the Pueblito Paisa, a fully rebuilt Colombian village, and, in Plaza Botero, 23 bronze statues by the artist Fernando Botero, who was born here.

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This destination always leaves something in the heart, especially for the very famous temple: Angkor Wat. If you are fond of Tomb Raider, you can't skip Ta Phrom, the temple where Angelina Jolie starred Lara Kroft.


Why don't you plan a movie itinerary on the film recording locations?

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Don't make the mistake to consider Venice an expensive destination for backpackers, if you don't believe us check out this article about what to do in Venice in Summer.


Venice is culture, Venice is nature, silence (we suggest your rent a boat or a kayak and enjoy the wonders of the lagoon), beach and sea if you are planning to spend a day on the long beach of Venice Lido.

This is a destination ideal for any type of traveler, whether you are sporty or lazy, whether you are into art and culture or fun and parties.

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Sea, sun, and temples ... what more could you ask for?

Considering that there are several low-cost air company serving this route and that the cost of life is quite low in Greece, if you are looking for a travel destination on a tight budget and for amazing sea and beaches, Thessaloniki is your perfect city!


If you rent a scooter or a car, you can also visit Axios - Loudias - Aliakmonas National Park and the Chalcidice Peninsula.

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An unusual destination maybe, Tarragona is a Roman city, built on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


It can be the starting point to easily reach Barcelona and Ibiza, for an all inclusive trip, including cultural, leisure and also natural aspects.

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