5 gastronomic specialties not to be missed in Brussels!

Delicious food, mouth-watering sweets and amazing craft beer...our tips and tricks on what to eat and drink in Brussels!

Brussels is one of the perfect European cities to switch off on a weekend and you will certainly not be disappointed even by its kitchen, a mix of French and German elements.

Here you have the 5 typical dishes and drinks to taste in the Belgian capital.

Waffle (Gaufres)

Delicious Gaufres topped up with chocolate and whipped cream

One of the most famous sweet specialities all over the world, the Gaufres, very thick waffles cooked in a special plate (that gives the typical grating shape) and then served with fruit, whipped cream, powdered sugar or chocolate. You can find them also in savoury version, but this is less common than sweet ones.

Waffles are a very cheap street food that you can taste for just one euro in any corner of Brussels, but also in traditional patisseries and bars.

Moules frites (mussels and french fries)

Moules Frites

This is the typical dish of Brussels. The combination could sound as a bit' strange but it's an experience to try if you take a ride in the Belgian capital.

It's based on stewed mussels, flavoured with white wine, tomato, garlic and served in cast iron pots, always accompanied by some crunchy french fries.

You can taste them on Rue des Bouchers, one of the tourist streets of the city centre, paying more or less 15 euros, or, at a higher price, at Chez Léon, one of the most famous restaurants in Brussels.

Frites (french fries)


Did you know the fries were invented right here in Belgium? One of the best-known institutions in Belgium, in addition to chocolate.

Among the streets of the city, you will find lots of shops and kiosks selling Belgian "frites". The peculiarity of these chips is that they are fried twice to keep them crispy and then served in foil, as per tradition.

You can taste the best ones at Maison Antonie, which is close to the European Parliament, but get ready because the line is always very long!


A Chocolate shop in Brussels

You can not leave Belgium without trying the local chocolate, considered one of the best in the world. The windows of the Belgian chocolate shops will really make you crazy, from the ballotin (the assorted box of chocolates) to the chocolate truffles, passing through the classic pralines.


Belgian beers are simply great

Belgium is the world's leading brewer and this drink has become part of the UNESCO Heritage! Among the most famous Belgian beers, there are Stella Artois, Leffe, Chimay or Duvel.

The beer temple is located near the Grand Place, at the Delirium Café, the Brussels bar famous for its wide variety of beers. You can sample some of the 2400 types of beers from over 60 countries around the world.

It's not one of the cities with the cheapest beers in Europe, but for sure you can taste some great craft beers here!

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