Greece is just the ideal destination for a backpacking trip, especially for the cheap accommodation and travel options available.

Rich in white beaches and crystal clear water to swim and dive into, Greece boasts a healthy and tasty gastronomy. Get ready to wolf down feta cheese and olives! The suggested itinerary goes through Corfu Island, Crete, Rhode, and Athens.
Domestic flights, especially from Athens to the islands, are usually quite cheap, roughly 20 euro each way. That's why we suggest you plan your itinerary based on the cheapest flights available.

We will be leaving from Corfu, landing in Athens to finish up our virtual journey in Rhodes and in Crete.


This is one of Greece most visited destinations, You will find breathtaking beaches and many things to see. Compared to other Greek cities, the atmosphere might be perhaps more laid back.
Don't miss the village of Benitses out, one of the most ancient ones on the islands, and the Museums of Coins.

To dine in Corfu, in a typical restaurant, will cost you roughly 20 euro per person. If you opt for street food, you can budget 10 euro a day.

To sleep in Corfù on a budget, we suggest you opt for Corfù Backpacker for 16 euro a night, or for The Pink Palace Hostel for as little as 18 euro a night.


Athens does not need any special introduction, such wide is the choice of things to do and to see.

We suggest to pencil at least 3 days in the city, otherwise you will risk to leave a bad taste in your mouth upon departing because of the many interesting things you could have seen but you didn't.
A daily budget of 40 euro should be enough to visit and fully enjoy, meals included.

Don't miss out the Parthenon, the National Archaeological Museum and the Ancient Agora and try to enjoy the city from the top, from one of the hills surrounding it.
Where to sleep cheap in Athens? We suggest you book Athenstyle for 17 euro a night, or Pagration Youth Hostel, for only 11 euro a night.


Leave  Athens to get to Rhodes Island with a low-cost flight.

The city of Rhodes is an open air museum, just think of the Acropolis of Lindos and the Village of Kàmiros.
If you are a nature lover, don't miss the Valley of butterflies out; it's definitely a destination for families but you shouldn't be missing it out.

To sleep in Rhodes on a shoestring, we suggest Drolma Ling Center, for only 8 euro a night, or STAY Rhodes Hostel, a bit more expensive design hostel (17 euro a night).


The last stop is Crete, so rich in history and beautiful beaches. We suggest you check out the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion and the ancient village of Aptera, where to get stuffed of typical cheese and local wine.
When it comes to beaches, there are really so many to pick from, we suggest you check out the one in Louro, where the sand is so white, the view amazing and the atmosphere so peaceful.

To sleep in Crete, we suggest you stay at Rethymno Youth Hostel, near an 11-km long beach. Beds starting from 12 euro a night. Not that bad, isn't it?