A traveller's guide to keep you busy during quarantine


Corona Virus cancelled your holidays? How to stay busy and enjoy your time at home!

You probably already had your next holiday carefully planned out. You dreamt about it, saved money for it, and now, you simply can’t go. The sun is shining outside, and you’re stuck at home. But we have some news for you – it’s not the end of the world (yet!) – in this article we will show you how you can enjoy your time at home, maybe not travelling the world, but doing activities that will make you miss travelling a little bit less.

1) Enjoy your balcony like you're in Bali

Enjoy your balcony like you’re in Bali

Photo @jonathanborba

You dreamt about travelling to Bali and enjoying coconut water while catching sun on the beach or by the swimming pool. Can we try to have something similar at home?

A terrace, a balcony, a small yard – all these options work. Firstly, prepare yourself a nice drink or a snack. Secondly, take a chair outside (or maybe two so you can extend your legs). Third, bring your phone or a book. Now sit, lie back and… try not to get a sun burn as you enjoy the spring sun slowly warming up your body!

2) Help your neighbours like you're volunteering in Vietnam

Help your neighbours like you’re volunteering in Vietnam

Photo @larm

You’ve always aspired to become an international volunteer in a developing country, perhaps teaching kids or helping rebuild a village. You can’t help people who live so far away right now, but you can help the ones right next to you: your neighbours. Perhaps you have elderly neighbours who are too scared to leave their houses or parents with young children who simply can’t. How about offering to help? Stretching your legs for a good cause will make you feel like hero! … just don’t let the old people hug you to say thanks, ok?

3) Cook like you're on a cooking workshop in Italy

Cook like you’re on a cooking workshop in Italy

Photo @ambermaxwellboydell

You love cooking and you dream about learning how to cook pizza from Naples or Carbonara from Rome. Italian chefs are waiting to teach you all their secrets directly from… Youtube! It’s not quite what you dreamt of but it’s cheaper and by the time corona virus infection is finished you will have become a cooking master!

4) Sing and dance like you're at the concert of your favourite band

Sing and dance like you’re at the concert of your favourite band

Photo @anthonydelanoix

If everyone is locked at home, it means your favourite singers and bands also are. Therefore, some artists are giving concerts directly from their homes and for free. And because it’s online, interactions are actually easier, you can send your questions or your supporting messages just by commenting on their Instagram! How cool would it be if they replied to you during the concert?!

5) Study like you're at Harvard summer school

Study like you’re at a Harvard summer school

Photo @iemyoung

Because universities are closed or about to, opportunities to learn online will grow over the next weeks. There are already several free online courses (check for example coursera.org) and more will come up shortly.

If there is an area in which you would like to develop your skills – this is the moment to do it.

6) Play like you're in Vegas

Play like you’re in Vegas

Photo @jeshoots

It’s time to play video games, it’s time to play on your old x-box or playstation. Do you still have that Mario game? Let’s play it one more time! What about board games? When was the last time you played Monopoly? What about turning Monopoly into a drinking game?

7) Be social like you're back at university

Be social like you’re back at university

Photo @priscilladupreez

We know board games are not so fun if you’re at home alone. That’s why we would like to suggest some apps to you so you can keep in touch with your friends while you can’t be with them in person.

Skype/ Facebook calls – You’ll soon realise that being with your friends is the best scenario but being with them through a group call is the second best! You can still talk, have a beer and play games.

Houseparty – this app was specially made to play games with your mates. Download it and try all the games!

What about calling that friend who you haven’t spoken to in a long time? “I’m too busy” is not an excuse anymore!

8) Watch your favourite starts like you're in Hollywood

Watch your favourite stars like you’re in Hollywood

Photo @jeshoots

Have you watched the movies nominated at the Oscars this year? Probably not because you were too busy? Time to give it a try. You can try several streaming platforms like Netflix or HBO for free for a limited period of time (usually a month but it depends on the country). What about movies about travelling? We suggest Eurotrip, Wild and Eat, Pray, Love.

9) No, really, watch the stars!

No, really, watch the stars!

Photo @overdriv3.

This might not be an option if you’re doing your quarantine in a city. But if you live in a small place there’s a lot you can learn just from looking out of your window. The app SkyView allows you to point your phone to the sky and instantly identify stars and constellations.

10) Plan your next trip like Corona Virus will be gone tomorrow

Photo @iamarthuredelman

This is most likely not true. The Corona virus might haunt us for a little longer. But there’s nothing wrong in imagining and planning all the things you want to do and the places you want to go afterwards. Hostel staff, restaurants and all tourism related businesses will be happier than ever to have you to stay and to give you tips on how to explore around. Cities will slowly rise again as businesses progressively get back on track. After the rain comes the rainbow, make sure you’re healthy and safe so you don’t miss the show!

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