5 things you can't miss in Valparaiso

Beautiful landscapes and tons of cultural attractions - that's what is waiting for you in this amazing city in Chile!

Valparaiso is a city full of art and life! Definitely a place to find inspiration.

We reveal you our top 5 of experiences you must have in Valparaiso within the next lines:

  • 1. Boat trip
Muelle Prat

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As a cost city in the Pacific Ocean, you can't miss a boat trip. Mullet Prat is a part of the harbor where the visitors can board in small boats which sail through the cost of Valparaiso. There are several types of tours which the duration varies between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Besides observing the cost, the harbor and some marine animals, you can even learn more about the region and even some legends about the city. Magical and simple, welcome to Valparaiso!

  • 2. Visit the hills
Cerro Concepción

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The hills - or cerros - are very famous in Valparaiso, among them Cerro Concepción and Cerro Alegre are the ones which bring the best views of the city. Besides that, to reach it, you can catch a lift and enjoy the ride and the view. In the hills there are several restaurants, sellers and local hand craft.

  • 3. Visit La Sebastiana
La Sebastiana

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La Sebastiana os one of the most beautiful houses of Pablo Neruda, a famous Chilian writer who influenced generations with his poems and books. His houses have a unique style, characterized by his passion towards the sea. If you're into history, art or architecture, you must visit this museum. Besides La Sebastiana, Valparaiso has several other museums which worth your visit but if you only have time for one, choose La Sebastiana!

  • 4. Caletas Portales
Caleta Portales

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For those who want to know more about the life of a fisherman in Valparaiso, you should visit Caletas Portales. It's an area where the fishermen develop his activities and traditions, since 1929, when the harbor was built. As it is a touristic place, it is also possible to find restaurants and even a metro station that connects Valparaiso to Viña del Mar. Besides all of that, you will be able to take pictures with seagulls and sea lions, which is quite a special experience, no?

  • 5. WALK. Walk a lot!

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And the main tip is: walk a lot. The main beauty of Valparaiso is is its streets, the architecture and the way it was built and there's no better way to admire it then observing it while you walk. This way, you'll be able to meet locals and see they way they live, ask for information, find places beyond the books and the touristic guides and, of course, feel the special energy that is present throughout the city!

What about accommodation? There are several welcoming hostels and guest houses waiting for you, here.

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