Travel to the 5 most populous cities in the world

You're into action and love being among many people? We present the 5 most populated cities in the world

Cities with a high population or a high population density are promising in many ways: there is always something going on, you can easily meet new people and public transport is likely to be very well developed. We'll show you the top 5 cities with the most inhabitants / the highest population density and show you how to get along in the crowd.

5. São Paulo, Brazil

sao paulo (big)

São Paulo's population was 11.9 million in July 2017. Also in terms of industry, trade and economy, this city is in first place in all of Brazil. But even from the culinary point of view this place is hard to beat. Here you will find both local specialties and international dishes. If you are an art lover, we recommend the Museo de Arte (MASP), where works by Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso etc. are exhibited. By the way, there is an antique market every Sunday under the museum building.

Nature lovers will be the happiest at Ibirapuera Park. If the hustle and bustle of the people gets too much for you, you can relax in the park with a good book - if you can not get enough of the bustle, we recommend you let it out in one of the many underground bars or spectacular discos ;)

4. Mumbai, India

mumbai (big)

You wonder why 12.5 million people live densely populated in Mumbai (formerly: Bombay)? It certainly has something to do with the cheap prices of the city. In fact, Mumbai is one of the cheapest places in the world. You will certainly not have any problems with the transport here, because the train system is very well developed here. To immerse yourself in the local culture, we recommend the largest museum in Mumbai: the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. As complicated as the name is, the wider the range of things you can see there about the whole Indian nation.

In recent years, special tours through the slums of Mumbai have become increasingly popular. For culinary highlights, we recommend the street food scene, especially the kebab shop 'Bademiya'. It was created in 1946 as a tiny street food store and has meanwhile expanded and opened another building across the street. Unfortunately there is no air conditioning, but the good food will surely distract you from it ;)

In case you need a break from the hustle and bustle: Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a place to relax and take a walk among 172 rare butterfly species.

3. Delhi, India

delhi (big)

Unfortunately, despite the almost 19 million inhabitants and over 18,000 parks, Delhi is still under the shadow of the dynamic Mumbai and the perfect beaches of Goa. However, the large population also brings with it a plethora of diversity: both linguistically and in terms of the many possible activities in this city there is a large selection: the Lotus Temple, the Humayun Mausoleum, the Indiagate, the adjacent Khan Market, the Red Fort - do we need to say more? ;) Our tip: use the Indian Metro system - the traffic in India is pretty chaotic.

2. Shanghai, China

shanghai (big)

China's largest city Shanghai with its almost 20 million inhabitants is often compared to New York. Shopping lovers will get their money's worth here: Nanjing Lu is one of the largest shopping streets in the world (5.5km!) and is considered very clean and very safe. Stroll along the beautiful, well-known Bund and discover historic Shanghai, where British, French and American architecture meet and give you the best view of the city skyline. If all the amazement got you hungry we recommend the street food shops on Shouning Lu Street - where you can get the best fish in the city!

1. Tokyo, Japan

tokyo (big)

You want to travel to the most populated city in the world? No problem, but get ready for a wild subway ride. In order to keep the majority of the 38 million inhabitants of Tokyo in the subway network under control during rush hour, so-called 'Oshiya' are needed. They are known for literally stuffing subway guests into the carriage. If you do not want to go so far in feeling like a local, we suggest you avoid the rush hour.

You should definitely use the subway though. Besides Shanghai being too big to explore on foot, the subway is always punctual, clean and even has separate seating areas for senior citizens, women with babies, pregnant women and handicapped people. There are also separate compartments for women.

The number one thing you can not miss out on in Tokyo is definitely the Senso-Ji - the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. Other highlights include the beautiful gardens full of flowering trees (such as the Shinjuku Gyoen), the many religious sites and the 634-meter Tokyo Skytree. By the way, you can rent boats in Inokashira Park and drive around in the middle of cherry blossoms.

If all that is too much for you or need a break, visit Cat Cafe Calico Shinjuku and have tea with cats to relax.

From the culinary point of view, the most crowded city does not miss out. We recommend you ask a local for his favorite sushi restaurant. Order 'omakase' there. This is a meal that consists of nothing but small dishes and is selected by the chef himself.

So, have you already decided which of the 5 cities you want to travel to? ;)