48 hours in Saint Petersburg: what to do?

The city you can't miss in Russia

Russia is so much more than freezing temperatures, polar bears, Siberia and Moscow. Spend (at least!) two days to get to know this truly Russian city! Why?

We give you three reasons:

1) It's accesible by ferry, plane and even bus, as it's close to the Russian border with several countries;

2) Saint Petersburg goes beyond the modernity and luxury of Moscow, bringing together tradition, modernity and simplicity;

3) And financially, you won't have surprises with unexpected high costs.

These are the top 5 attractions you can't miss in Saint Petersburg:

1. Church of the Savior on Blood

Catedral do Sangue Derramado

It's impossible to think about Russia and not think about its orthodox cathedrals with their colorful domes and all the architectural details which fill our senses.

Not as famous as Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, but certainly as special and with even more details to see, the Church of the Savior on Blood is a must go in Saint Petersburg.

And did you know the cathedral is officially called Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ because the czar Alexander II was murdered there?

In case you have time, go inside and visit the mausoleum and the incredible details of the building itself, if not, seeing it from the outside is still pretty incredible!

It's not expensive to enter: about 4 euros without discount and 1 euro for students.

2. Winter Palace

Palácio de Inverno

Russian architecture makes us feel like we have gone back in time... especially this palace! It is one of the most visited attractions in the city and it is considered one of the greatest treasures in the world. It is worth visit but plan it well: visiting the palace and the museum will take you at least 2 hours.

3. Peter and Paul Fortress

Fortaleza de Pedro e Paulo

This fortress is where Saint Petersburg was born. It was built to protect Russia from the Swedish attacks during the Great Northern War in 1700 and afterwards was turned into a political prison.

Today, for the locals is a place to relax and enjoy the "beach" Saint Petersburg style and for us, tourists, an interesting place where you can have a fantastic view of the city. Inside that fortress you can also find the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, where Russian czars are buried.

The entrance to the fortress is free but some attractions, such as the cathedral, are charged. You can reach it by tram, subway or bus. To know how to arrive check the website: http://www.spbmuseum.ru/themuseum/visitors/location_map.php

4. Vasilievski Island

Ilha de Vasilievski

Far from overcrowded attractions, in this privileged place you'll get a view of Saint Petersburg, its domes and even the Peter and Paul Fortress.

You'll also find the Building of the Stock Exchange there, which is pictured on the 50 Russian Rubles note. During special occasions, in the evenings, the Rostral Columns throw fire and it's a beautiful spectacle that can reach up to 7 meters.

There's also museums with Egyptian sphinxes, bridges that rise, palaces, but the most charming attraction of island are the channels: welcome to the Russian Venice!

How to reach? There are bus lines until Vasilievsky Island, close to the center of Saint Petersburg. Another option is to catch the subway until Sportivnaya station, which is located near by.

5. The channels of Saint Petersbourg

Canais em São Petersburgo

Going to Saint Petersburg and not walking around is like not visiting the city at all! Avoid the subway for a while and walk, get a little lost and a lot charmed. Walking along the city you will understand Saint Petersburg is so much more then the touristic spots, it's the architecture, people and canals!

The canals of Saint Petersburg are the mark where this city were born. The first Russian capital, discovered by Peter the Great and built by local workers, totaling more than 100 thousand deaths caused by the hard work. If you have some time, enjoy a boat trip in the channels, you won't regret it!

With its history and culture, Saint Petersburg is a mix of beauty and pain, modernity and classicism. Definitely anunique place!

Are you already checking how to get there? We help with the accommodation!

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