Enjoy white beaches instead of white snow. Eat fresh fruit for breakfast and get to know a culture that smells of Coconut and Curry.

If this is what you want this winter, then you should continue reading this article, -cause we have some hot tips for all you backpackers who´s looking for the best beaches for the lowest prices.

But first!

Your best travel buddy! The Backpack!

So what´s important when you pack your backpack: First, think about the weather. It may be cold where you are now, but you´re heading off to tropical paradise, so don´t bring too much. It´s always much warmer than you think.

Travel sheets are more hygienic than a sleeping bag.

Bring some dollars just in case, but credit card is really the safest way to bring money. Scan all travel documents together with your passport number, and credit card helpline numbers, then e-mail these to yourself in the unfortunate event that you would get robbed.

Pack your clothes in separate plastic bags, that´ll protect them from humidity and sort them according to a theme that will help you find what you´re looking for later, like underwear/ pants/ t-shirts etc.

You backpack is ready!! So where to next?

We´ve gathered a few of the most popular destinations for backpackers in Asia to help you choose best.



You are likely to end up in Singapore sooner or later. Perhaps it will be your very first stop in Asia from your home country? Singapore is perfect for shopping and late night entertainments, and also a nice change of scenery when you´re tired of life as a beach bum.

Book your low-cost accommodation in Singapore!



Book the best spot on the beach in Boracay, The Visayas!

In Borocay you´ll find one of the world´s most beautiful beaches, so just enjoy the sun and the warm sea. Take daily trips to nearby deserted beaches, explore the caves and just take in the nature´s wonder in this beautiful part of the world.



Book accommodation in Phi Phi Island!

Here´s another paradise beach to be explored. Despite the immense popularity the past ten years, the government do what they can to protect the nature on Phi Phi for future generations.

Not longer than some 20 years ago the island was discovered by backpackers. There used to be one boat, once a week to the main land bringing the necesseties and the island had by then only about 40 habitants, muslim fisherman. But the secret of the Paradise Island was out and soon other backpackers followed to dive in clear water. Phi Phi was also the island where the successful Backpacker movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo di Caprio was shot.



Book low cost accommodation in Kuala Lampur!

In Kuala Lampur you´ll find one of the world´s most interesting Aquarium if you haven´t seen enough fishes snorkeling the Andam Sea uptill this point.



Book your dream vacation on Bali!

Bali is for anyone who likes nature and beautiful temples. Take a swim with turtles, ride the elephants, surf, snorkel and dive. At the Lovina Beach you can swim with dolphins. Or take a jump into Git Git, a waterfall in the jungle. Meet the dragon lizards in Komodo Island, who can become uptill 3 meters and weigh 200 kilos. Visit the temple of UIun Danu, Lake Bratan, Taman Ayun, Royal Temple and for some fun company visit the Monkey Forest.



Book accommodation in Nha Trang, a popular and beautiful beach that attracts many tourists. But Vietnam is in general a place you travel to more for an interesting culture experience and good food, than just the beach life. You find here also less tourists than in for example Thailand.



Book Goa with us!

In the north parts of Goa you can still find a little piece of what Goa used to be... that is, more Yoga than House music.


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