The Sustainable Living Festival is the oldest and largest of it's kind, held in Melbourne, Australia. With an aim to raise the public awareness in how we can lessen the impact on our earth, it continues to expand every year. 2011 had hundreds of businesses, organisations and individuals involved, with many of them demonstrating or exhibiting solutions and tools to change the social and ecological challenges we face with evermore pressure and urgency and over 125,000 visitors attended, with over 130 exhibitors, more than 250 volunteers, and an excess of 350 performances, talks and workshops.

2012 will be the festivals eleventh year and since 2003 it has been held in Melbourne’s Federation Square. The Sustainable Living Foundation strives to be an example of the message it teaches, and achieved a Gold Waste Wise standard for the successful operation and execution of staging the Sustainability festival.

The event will showcase its message of communities living with consideration and recognition of the planet such as; live performances, films and artworks, exhibitor expos, interactive talks, workshops and demonstrations, educational activities and sustainable event features.

The Sustainable Living foundation (SLF) promotes a philosophy of: inclusion of all people regardless of their beliefs, religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, age or gender. An atmosphere of respect, for equality and diversity. Non-violence and the responsibility and practise of human rights. The encouragement of meeting all challenges using creativity and imagination for solutions. Fostering a compassionate and co-operate culture. SLF also strives to be a transparent, deeply democratic, non-governmental or party organisation, with its’ aim to connect people and movements together in unity. If this festival resonates with your feelings for a better lifestyle on our precious planet earth check out The Sustainability Festival

The message has been a growing movement within society and this has been reflected in the expansion of the sustainability festival, in 2012 not only will there be the 3 day Big Weekend Festival at Federation Square, Melbourne 17-19 February 2012, there will also be Festival sustainable Event Features held Australia wide in various locations from the 11-26th February. These are likely to include communities, organisations and individual’s staging events such as; tours of sustainable houses, conservation activities, swap meets, DIY workshops, community gardening, skill shares and many more. So book your hostel in Melbourne and attend The Sustainable Living Festival.