Visiting Vermont

Vermont is the 43rd biggest state in the US, bordered by New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Quebec in Canada. Although it has the second smallest population out of all the states, it is their leading producer of maple syrup! The Vermont countryside also makes a great place to retreat to for a nature inspired holiday.

Underhill is a town based in the county of Chittenden just 23 miles from Burlington, the states most populous city. It is close enough to travel to and from, and far away enough to enjoy the glorious countryside and surroundings. Autumn is a particularly beautiful time to visit because the trees and foliage are a beautiful golden-red colour.

For anyone planning a group get away, why not book a stay at Greenmont Farms - a beautiful, converted barn building with a huge open living area (complete with an indoor swing and it’s own climbing wall, it’s seriously big!) It comfortably sleeps 16 people between it’s four dorms, and there are full eating and dining facilities, as well as two bathrooms.

Greenmont Farm is in a perfect situation for outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, swimming, canoeing and even skiing. It is a great place to get re-connected with nature and escape from the stresses and toils of city life.