Korean traditional houses known as “hanok” or more ancient traditional houses known as Gotaek are great options to choose when visiting Korea.

Although many of the traditional houses in Korea have gradually disappeared with passing time, recently the policy of tourism of Korea is that they intend to preserve the Hanok Villages, such as the Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, Jeonju Hanok Village in Jeonju, Andong Hahok Village in Andong, Yeongju Seonbi Village in Yeongju as these are the last one of the few remaining sites that are relatively well-preserved.

If you want to stay in a hanok (Traditional Home Stay), you can search on HostelsClub for Korean hanoks by searching for “Guest House” as the property type and you’ll get a really beautiful style in a very serene area with very kind owners to make your stay in Korea even more pleasurable.

When you enter the guest house, you'll see the traditional and typical, cosy 'Hanok' style immediately. And you can notice the traditional Korean house plan and some “Onggi” (korean plants), along with other flower gardens in the courtyard. All rooms are accessible from the courtyard via double doors that are designed to block the cold during the winter. Each room has a small open space called 'Maru o Daecheong-maru' in front of room, that's a perfect area for a leisurely meditation. The entire courtyard can be seen from the window in the room, and the sunshine and fresh air circulating keep the rooms fresh. The Hanok homes built with wooden pillars and a mud wall itself is a unique experience one must surely try!!

Each room has a basic setup with a television, ondol heating (underfloor heating) system and a mattress but the place, you’ll find, is very clean. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience for visitors to understand the Korean way of life. They are furnished with authentic reproductions of traditional Korean decorations and items for the home to give you that sense of “home-away-from-home”.

Generally, 'Hanok houses' preserve the original features of an old house, yet most of the toilet and shower facilities have been renovated into a modern style for visitors’ convenience. Toilet and shower facilities are offered in a modern Western style, similar to those offered in regular city accommodations. Room rates and program fees vary from 30,000 won to 70,000 won (US$25 to US$58).

Other useful information is that some guesthouses began offering cultural programs, including classes in making makgeolli o kimchi, and offers lessons on traditional Korean instruments such as gayageum, a kind of zither, and janggu, a kind of drum,or watch a Tal-chum (a traditional Korean mask dance) performance, or make you experience “Dado” (the traditional Korean art of ceremonial tea-making). These activities will surely make your Korean experience memorable!

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