Marrakech is a city with thousands of faces: bright, lively and incredibly beautiful. Morocco as a whole has much to offer tourists: the desert or the mountains with the famous Atlas peak, and don't forget the old city of Medina. Nothing better than enjoying the traditions entering all your senses. Spices, ceramics, jewelry, rugs and more. The heart of Morocco is here. The selection of products is an endless pleasure and do not worry, bargaining is an old tradition!



The Jardin Majorelle is a botanical garden beautifully restored by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. It was designed by the expatriate French artist Jacques Majorelle in 1924, during the colonial period when Morocco was a protectorate of France. The best time for photos is the late morning. In this garden, also visit the Museum of Islamic Art in Marrakech, which offers North African textiles from the personal collection of Saint-Laurent as well as ceramics, jewelry and paintings by Majorelle.

The Menara Gardens are located at the foot of the Atlas. They were built in the 12th century (c. 1130) by the Almohad ruler Abd al-Mu'min. 'Menara' is the name derived from the flag with a little green pyramid roof (Menzeh). The pavilion was built during the 16th century during the Saadi Dynasty and renovated in 1869 by the Sultan of Morocco Abderrahmane, which served as a shelter during the summer. The best time for photos is in the late afternoon with the sunset. The walk is perfect for romantic couples.

The Jemaa El Fna is a world heritage site under UNESCO. You should take your time to walk around at different times of day and evening. From one hour to another, the shapes, the ambience, and the levels of the Plaza and its atmosphere also change! This is the heart of the city, surrounded by bazaars, hotels, gardens and more. Here you can eat cheap excellent kebabs!

Between the old town (Medina) and the center of Marrakech near Kutubiya, there is Cyberpark, a park for education, especially youth on information technology and sustainable development.

Also, not to be missed are the Museum of Marrakech, the Medersa (Koranic school), the Saadian.

Finally, hit the souks (markets) of various crafts, art, dealers in spices, herbalists (where you can try their tea with mint) and why not finish the day with a relaxing massage with essential oils?



Most hostels in Marrakech riads (the traditional name of old houses) are lavishly decorated with gardens. The [hostels in Marrakech>] can truly be described as an oasis of calm while in a bustlingand exotic city. You can experience an authentic stay at one of these top choices:

The Riad jddi offers the lowest price at only 8 € the night!

The Riad Les Couleurs de l'orient offers the 1001 nights experience.

Not to mention the Riad Zagouda which is well located and very economical.

Finally, if you want a guest house in Marrakech at low rates and get a massage, try The Guesthouse Dar Selwan.



Marrakech, the most active city in Morocco, offers clubs, pubs, smoking bars, lounges, skybars, or banquets in the souks.

Note that €1 is equivalent to 11.09 Dirhams. So even the most chic restaurants are affordable!


The Jacaranda Restaurantwas built in 1950 has been recently renovated, with the key words in mind: imagination and taste. Strategically located, it offers a view of the center of Guéliz. Specializing in French cuisine, you can also enjoy the Moroccan and international cuisine prepared by the chef who is none other than the owner! There is musical entertainment on the weekends and they also have permanent exhibitions of modern paintings.

Location: Gueliz

Budget: From 150 to 250 Dhs

The Queen Atlantic is the only boat restaurant in Marrakech, takes you on an unforgettable cruise through a dreamy landscape with delicious and refined cuisine, makes for a magical atmosphere. Enjoy the trendy live performances of 80's remixed, Jazz, Blues, Latin Soul, but also many oriental musicians. The Atlantic Queen invites you to take off toward new horizons.

Location: Gueliz

Budget: 80-150 Dhs

The Tanjia is another great choice. An old brewery located between the eastern Bahia Palace and the Palace Badii with a terrace that offers breathtaking views of the Koutoubia. This is a simple, elegant place unique to the Moroccan art of living with a Western touch. Moreover, it is not uncommon to have a meal together with famous stars such as Gad Elmaleh, Bob Sinclar, and others. You will be offered traditional Moroccan cuisine and international dishes. Try the barbecue, one of their specialties! There is also a belly dancing show accompanied by a traditional music group or the resident DJ.

Location: Mellah - Medina South

Budget: 150-250 Dhs

Bars & Lounges

Coffee Marrabook: In the heart of Medina, 200 meters from the famous Jemaa el Fna, Marrabook Café is located in a small alley close to the pedestrian street of Princes. A themed bookstore coffee shop where you can find, of course, a selection of books on Morocco and Africa, while tasting Moroccan specialty dishes or fast food.

Location: Jemaa El Fna

Budget: - 80 Dhs

Coffee Marrakch'Chic: For the first time in Marrakech, a lounge restaurant where the decoration is calm with refined tones on white designer furniture, chic! The opening took place on July 23, 2010, and has a lounge area welcoming you with its intimate atmosphere for a drink with friends or your partner. The menu is rich and varied. An upscale place in the heart of Guéliz!

The Jad Mahal: An exquisite place, an idyllic setting for a drink, dinner or for listening to music. The decoration sometimes Moroccan sometimes Hindi being colorful with warm light. Add the sweet aromas mixed with deliciously prepared meals, a great combo for a good time. There is Moroccan cuisine, Thai and Western dishes offered by David Ducrocq, this chef and lover of cuisine that has been cooked in prestigious places like the 'Orient Express' train or the 'Beau Rivage'.

Location: Wintering and Agdal

Budget: 400 Dhs



The Skybar Pool: The Palais Soltan Marrakech Swimming Club Hotel has the city's new Skybar. The site is 1200 m2 which can accommodate up to 1000 people and it is next to the Pacha Club (another popular night spot). Its terrace offers panoramic views over the Atlas and reminds us of the splendor of Morocco. The Skybar Restaurant Club offers a live set non-stop from 11am until late at night when several DJs succeed in creating a musical atmosphere alternating every style of music you can think of. It is ideal for an evening outdoors!

Location: Wintering and Agdal

Budget: 150-250 Dhs

Cantobar: They were the first to open a Karaoke spot in Marrakech. This stylish bar-restaurant welcomes you for lunch, but also in the evening where a scene is all about you. Take a turn at singing your heart out. Located on Rue Moulay el Hassan between the Convention Center and Freedom Square, the Art Deco storefront is very inviting. The interior space is divided into two dining rooms, a bar, a stage and a VIP area in an upscale atmosphere. They have Eastern and Western cuisine and impeccable service.

Location: Gueliz

Budget: 150-250 Dhs

Pasha: This nightclub is a harmonious blend of an amazing, electrifying atmosphere and world-renowned DJs. The club seems to round up all the local customers and also attracts many foreigners. Tuesdays to Saturdays, the 'Chill Out' area welcomes' Wildpoppy ', a Live Band, French, composed of a singer and guitarist of three pop-rock musicians. They are open from 11 pm-1am during the week and until 2am on weekends! The new tapas menu is worth trying!

Location: Wintering and Agdal

Budget: 150-250 Dhs


Bon Voyage!!!