HostelsClub Web 2.0 Party

November 27, 2009

HostelsClub changes their look and finally passed to the new web 2.0 interface on November 27, 2009. To celebrate this significant launch, the event was organized in grand style with over 400 hostel partners from all over the world in the romantic historic city center of Venice. The evening events began in the Rialto area, where guests had private gondola tours which dropped them off at the Pisani Moretta Palace on the Grand Canale.

This elegant party commemorated the new site features on launched at midnight. The upgraded version of the site includes the following improvements:

* Modernized graphics - cleaner, bright and cheerful - in line with the individual elements such as clear, intuitive icons that show all the hostel amentities at a glance;

* New functions - always facilitating a quicker, more efficient user experience. For HostelsClub, it is fundamental to give clients an enjoyable and updated booking experience which meets their needs. Looking for a hostel has never been this easy, and thanks to now having the ability to choose criteria such as the amenities right at the beginning of the search helps eliminate extra time sorting through all the choices, and gets the tailored results immediately.

* The interactive map display allows clients to then further refine the results from choosing properties based on the distance from major tourist attractions and also shows the customer ratings attached to each location marker.

Andrea Mehanna, CEO and founder of, says, 'We have come a long way from the days when we mainly wanted to promote Venice to the rest of the world. Now we aim to provide users with a revolutionary method to choose a property anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.' HostelsClub indeed has come a long way from its original launch in 2002. HostelsClub's growing inventory includes over 16,000 properties in over 120 countries.

HostelsClub provides highly secure transactions and technologies to give clients the smoothest and safest, optimized booking experience.

Interested in testing out the new interface or booking a vacation? Check out the advanced version of the site and have a nice surfing experience!