#5 Marc Nouss 'It's important to stand out against every cliché

The Sixth Power is our column dedicated to emerging or established influencers. Each week we give you a new interview with an influencer. This sixteenth post is dedicated to Marc Nouss, a Parisian photographer.

HostelsClub's blog is hosting a new column dedicated to influencers, entitled 'The Sixth Power'. We are going to hear what they have to say, listen to their stories and discover their way of life. Many people aspire to be like them, and influencers are one of the latest and most desired professions. Their following, in some cases, exceeds the influence of important political figures! Kourtney Kardashian, with her 72.6 million followers, has more than the number of votes that led Donald Trump to the post of President of the United States of America in 2016. The Italian fashion-influencer Chiara Ferragni, before gaining an incredible 16.9 million followers on Instagram, was just an ordinary girl. We'll find out what it is like to be an influencer, giving a voice to travel bloggers in particular. There will be many good tips for those with open ears who may be thinking of entering into this incredible lifestyle!

#5 Marc Nouss 'It's important to stand out against every cliché

Marc Nouss is an influencer with the talent of a photographer. Based in Paris, he is a globetrotter looking for the unexpected. His profile is a photo diary of the many journeys he has been on with his camera slung aroung his neck. His last significant trips were to Chicago and an adventure in the desert of Saudi Arabia. His photos are above all, portraits of great metropolis, urban landscapes and historic cities always seen with a glamorous passion. It's a story of a talent for photography. He was a photographer well before the social media boom, but he has now used social media to build a community. He doesn't plan the details of his trips, he tells us in the following interview, but lets things happen naturally, such as finiding new places or meeting new people. "I try to keep the same idea - of discovering something new - that I had when I first started sharing my photos," he tells us. And, he has the talent of someone who does not give up.


You are, before anything else, a photographer.

Of course, I am a photographer who shares his work through social media. I share both to talk about my travels and to show off Paris, with the idea of making the world known to my followers.

What is the thing that pushes you forward?

I try to keep the same freshness and discovery of new things that I had when I started sharing my photos, which for me started before the influencers arrived on the scene.

However, selfies or self-portraits (that seem to be the infleuncer's favorite style) are rare in your photos.

My goal is not to appear. I'm a photographer, used to being behind the lens. I am interested in photographing the people I meet, the places I visit, how much I discover or can discover during my travels.


Don't you think it would be interesting for your audience to know more about you?

Human nature is moved by curiosity, I'm sure, so from time to time I publish some pictures of me.

How do your photos come about?

Starting from what I see and the people I meet.


Do you plan your travels in detail?

Nothing is planned in advance, so I let myself be inspired by what surrounds me.

When did you start using social media?

I started an Instagram account in 2013, before the boom of influencers. Just for the pleasure of sharing my photos.


When did Instagram really help you professionally?

Little by little my community grew, and then the first requests for collaboration arrived which included travelling. I professionally matured in a natural way. In 2018 I spent 8 months traveling with different blog trips, press trips, hotel photos and a couple of personal trips.

A career that you are passionate about?

I don't care about having an influencer career, but I hope to continue being a photographer as long as possible.


What do you think is the secret to having an Instagram account that works?

Patience. Not wanting to do everything right away. Above all, do not copy-paste what has already been done, seen and reviewed a thousand times. It's important to stand out, to offer more creative content.

A travel experience that left an impression on you?

My last trip in January, to Saudi Arabia. The clichés have a bad reputation for this destination, but I spent 5 incredible days there. Far from anything that can be read or heard. Especially in the desert of Al-Ula, Mada'In Saleh - it was wonderful.

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