Probably there are so many reasons to visit Bangkok as many travellers are. In Europe we do not have these wonderful temples and floating markets. Many historical sites and wonderful modern attractions are situated there.

The most important temples to visit:

No visit to Thailand is without a pilgrimage to temples. Pre-dating the founding of Bangkok, Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple and is famed for its huge majestic Reclining Buddha image measuring 46 meters long and 15 meters high. The Buddha's feet are three meters long and exquisitely decorated in mother-of-pearl inlays of auspicious 'laksanas' (characteristics) of the Buddha. The temple is also famous for its traditional Thai massage and is next to the Temple of Emerald Buddha or the Wat Pra Kaeo. Built by King Rama I in 1782, Wat Pra Kaeo’s interior walls are covered with murals depicting the life of Buddha. This temple is in the outer section of the Royal Enclosure west of the Grand Palace. Visited by Pope John Paul II during his trip to Thailand in 1984, the Assumption Cathedral is the principal Roman Catholic church of Thailand. Obscured from the Chao Phraya by the archaic buildings of the East Asiatic Company and the Catholic Mission, a visit to this amazing and historical cathedral.

Where do you find the best food?

The floating markets of Thailand are an enduring symbol of what life was like in days gone by. There are several floating markets to choose from to soak in the local cultures amidst a wide array of food, fresh vegetables to other sweet Thai delicacies.

Damnoen Saduak is the largest and best known floating market. It is 110km (1,5h) from Bangkok. During weekend is flooded by tourists as everbody wants to see the most popular and liked market.

Khlong Lat Mayom – it is said to be an oasis. It is because of a huge quantity green trees in which shadows you can relax. It is a wonderful place to jump in and go shopping.

Taling Chan – if you are a fish lover what I can say it is the paradise for you. You cannot leave Bangkok without checking this place. Grilled seafood, roasted crab legs... If you have heard about snake head fish and you don’t know how it looks like – here you will not only get to know, but also eat with gusto.

Want to buy a souvenir for your friends? - Shopping in Bangkok

Asiatique is Asia’s largest waterfront retail and entertainment venue. Come and bear witness to the history of King Rama V’s reign as created through the renovation of actual buildings from that era. There are more than 1,000 souvenirs and home decoration shops, a new dining concept “Food Circus”, the world famous Thai Puppet Show, Joe Louis Theatre and a spectacular live performance of the Calypso Cabaret. Located on Charoenkrung “Historic” road.

Hopefully you are convinced to visit Bangkok.

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